Hou Yi

Hou Yi’s Story:

Knowing that people tend to steer clear of the dangerous, Hou Yi leverages on his gloomy disposition to create a reputation of deceit and cunning. This effectively allows him to reduce interaction with external parties, while planning how to implement massive scale strategies to destroy their armies.

His outstanding talents have led to Dengri’s fawning and friendship. He reputation as an evil person also helps him establish command over his soldiers.



Xin Mou Ni’s Story:

Learning from the scriptures of the ancient monks, Xinmouni has the moral righteousness of monks and knowledge of widely-read scholars.

Xinmouni uses his intelligence to compensate for the weak physique that he was born with and attains victories in his battles through wit. He frequently has intelligent debates with Chaosansi about the legitimacy of the Heavenly Eye. It is perhaps the best reason why they are able to interact well and maintain mutual respect towards each other.

Chaosansi is the only warlord to have two units: Archers and Swordsmen. Make use of this benefit to triumph over the others!



Hesha’s Story:

Having the cunning ability to provoke extreme responses from people whom he meets has been Hesha’s talent. It is through those fits of anger where he collects information that could be used to his benefit in the future.

Hesha is renowned for having strategies that can inflict widespread devastation on this enemies. It is well-known that he greatly respects Qian’s wits and intellectual superiority over others. Although there are rumors that he and Qian have a platonic relationship going on.



Yulbayar’s Story:

Widely regarded as a happy-go-lucky character with little outstanding talent, Yulbayar is actually well versed in many hobbies. He is extremely adept at hunting and usually offers his loot to anyone whom he interacts with.

With his natural ability to make friends quickly, Yulbayar is well-liked and trusted by all people. However, this does not prevent him from being an efficient and deadly officer. Yulbayar is known to be Khan Goro’s friendlier-looking public representative and they both are are rumored to be the best of friends.



Masahiro’s Story:

It is said that men with the greatest convictions will attain their goals. This is especially true for Masahiro. Despite possessing a physical appearance that used to cause derision amongst his peers, Masahiro’s commitment to integrity and tenacity has helped him to persevere (and stay alive) through the obstacles that he faced.

To be more powerful, he trained in archery daily to the extent of being able to attack multiple enemies using a single arrow. He is also extremely devoted to Toshi – the first warlord who recognised his abilities and  treated him with great respect. Anyone who is a threat to Toshi will automatically be Masahiro’s enemy! Do not provoke him…


Min Bui

Min Bui’s Story:

A brave and outspoken lady, Min Bui is the rare female amongst all the male officers. They say that her physical features have been altered due to her interactions in the male-dominated arena. Yet, Min Bui’s glib tongue has allowed her to charm her way through the men and provide alternative thought insights.

Her unique opinions has made her well-received amongst the other officers. She appears to be the only person who is able, and willing to boss Bao Lun around.


Ma Sukh

Ma Sukh’s Story:

Ma Sukh looks skitterish but, that is just a facade. People who have worked with him have acknowledged his ability to outfox competitors.

Being born into a noble family has given Ma Sukh the inherited ability to leverage on his wide connections in order to convince people of his causes. Ma Sukh and Lady Jin have established a long-lasting relationship based on their common ability – the skill of using each other’s strengths and advantages to their mutual benefit. With collaboration, they can attain whatever they desire.



Jeong Ga’s Story:

Widely regarded by many as a person who attains battle victories through the practice of black magic, Jeong-Ga is a mysterious and dangerous officer. He remains loyal to the ancestors and traditions to the land that he was born on and as such, has unwavering loyalty to the Old Dynasty. However, there are rumors of him being the shadow ruler of Jeong-Ga’s lands.



Yew Fung’s Story:

A man of many facets, Yew Fung can be hard to place. He is outspoken and brave, yet at times vindictive or merciful. His wildcard characteristics are reflected in his approach to battle – his unpredictability often keeps his opponents off guard.

Despite being merely an ambitious young general at the time when his and Iron Zhao’s paths first crossed, Yew Fung and his warlord have established an almost brotherly relationship, built on years of respect and understanding of each other’s quirks. Working as a team, they are formidable in battle.

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