Revered, almighty, legendary. The First Autumn Emperor’s legacy is undisputed. He began as a minor warlord, who would one day unify the country, discover firedust, and repel the greatest barbarian invasion ever. His personage is an enigma, but his exploits are legend. Could you have ruled in his place?

In these times of turmoil,  do you have the cunning to unite the warring provinces , rally them to your cause and become the first Autumn Emperor? The field is yours: rise to greatness or languish forever in obscurity – can you build a powerful empire that will stand the test of time?

Manage your empire turn by turn: Build epic cities, raise armies, recruit generals and undertake portentous quests. Engage in espionage, sabotage and diplomacy in your mission to dominate the realm.

Fight your battles in real time: Direct your armies using simple brushstrokes on handpainted battle maps. Flank, encircle and outmaneuver your enemies, or turn the tide of battle with special abilities.

Your legacy awaits!

  • RTS-4X adventure: Explore, expand, exterminate and exploit!
  • Experience riveting missions that promise more than a hundred hours of gameplay
  • Non-linear campaign
  • Strategic flexibility: Customize unit, officer and decree selection to gain an edge in battles!
  • Pick your battlefields: determine your route to the enemy gates!
  • Interact with warlords: send your officers on diplomacy and espionage missions!
  • Simple touch controls: Command your armies by drawing paths that they should follow!
  • Randomly generated battle maps rendered in oriental watercolor: new scenarios on every encounter!
  • No IAPs
Autumn Dynasty Warlords

 [Pocket Gamer Awards – Best Strategy / Simulation Game Nominee!]

Remember those battles you fought where the support from others was the driving force for a successful campaign?

Well, we’re extremely thrilled to have been nominated for the Pocket Gamer Awards – Best Strategy /Simulation Game category and we need your votes!

Our team has put in blood, sweat and hair-ripping moments to make Autumn Dynasty Warlords the best that we can; and now we’re up against giants, we need your help to bring the game to greater heights!

Voting ends this Friday and we need your help to click on this link (or the picture below), check out the Best Strategy/Simulation Game category and vote for Autumn Dynasty Warlords?

That’s right. You guys are our driving force.

Pocket Gamer Awards Nominee 


[Expansion Announcement]

Hey folks!

The expansion is here! Check out the following new features that are available in the expansion:

New scenarios

Here are some of the new characters that will appear in the expansion!
You can guess their personality and fighting style based on their appearance.

ADW 3 Warlords profile

[Hung Yen]

Respect, peace and a prosperous economy. I had them all. Yet, those lowlifes from the Minpu Tribes had to ruin it all – they came, they pillaged and they murdered. But their last action of killing all 317 people in my infirmary was an act that I never imagined them stooping to. They must be punished for these acts!

I have done my best to settle things diplomatically but now, we shall go to war.


[Ko Chien]

When Dengri destroyed my empire, I fell on my knees like a spineless coward and begged for my life.

I pretended to be a weakling, an inconsequential fool, careful not to draw the attentions of my enemies while I gathered loyal people who are of the same heart.

Now, all the shame and suffering I have endured shall be paid back a thousand-fold!


[Er Ying]

I was an excellent official who treated my men and even captured enemies with respect, but watching the way Dengri treated those who were captured was simply disgusting as we are all human! The only regret I have of my failed assassination attempt on him was the fact that I failed.

Nevertheless, I shall continue doing all that I can to end his rule of evil. He made a mistake in giving me the option to live.


New events

More events introduced, devastating disasters unleashed and new enemies to fight.

adw_events1 new world event

Changes to the battle system (Control Points)

First Control Point

Apart from the above, we’re also trying to include other stuff and these are the team’s code names for them:

and more….

So,  if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see in the game, this is THE TIME to shout out! 

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